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  • This course is for independent self study. There will be no interaction with a teacher. The course will still be laid out in a 10-week format for the student to use if he desires. However, the student will have complete freedom to study on his own desired schedule. There are no exams, PLA, Course Completion Certificates, or weekly discussion questions.
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    This joint study in eschatology is a detailed study of the Scriptures which describe what we should expect in the end times all the way through the Millennium.This course is different from all others because it is a guided collaborative study in which we will all learn from each other. Duration is 6 weeks.
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    A Foundation to Build Upon
    The need for this book comes right out of my observations of the lack of education and training in the typical Christian minister. Much of my own personal Christian growth, which was also typical, made the need for a book like this readily apparent. Duration is 14 weeks.

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    A New Look at the Book of Revelation
    The disciple of Jesus Christ needs to know something about his destiny. Many do not have a clue for how this book is to be interpreted. Well, God tells us how in the very first chapter. However, God also limits understanding of this book to His real disciples. Find out how to become a real disciple, and then you will understand where the Church is going and how we should prepare for our destiny. Duration is 13 weeks.

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    A New Look at Evangelism
    We are losing the battles and there are more people going to hell today than ever before. The birth rate around the world dwarfs the rate of Church growth. This course will show the Church how to use whole-body evangelism which is founded upon applying the Christian's spiritual gifts as a guide to fitting into one's evangelistic ministry. Duration is 7 weeks.

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    A New Look at the Book of Hebrews
    The one thing that you can say about Hebrews that cannot be said about the other books is that it is a clarion call to discipleship that was made to the Hebrew Christians of the first century. The call is especially relevant for us today because of the popular reductionism of what discipleship is. This book is a wonderful clarification of the doctrine of sanctification and what it means to discipleship. Duration is 8 weeks.

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    A New Look at the Book of Jeremiah
    Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, was required to prophesy to the Jews during a time of great national worship. He appeared on the scene during a great revival in Judah. However, the charge that God gave to Jeremiah was to point out that His people were involved in idolatry rather than true worship. As Jeremiah began to obey God, he was given the name Old-Doom-and-Gloom and persecuted by the people worshiping in the Temple. Duration is 8 weeks.

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    A New Look at the Book of John

    Jesus is your all-in-all. He alone is Lord. He is whom you are to worship. When teaching this Gospel of John, I was struck by the incredible amount of evidence which Jesus provides for us to know that Jesus is the God-Man and is absolutely worthy of being our Boss. I am using the term Boss in order to drive home the forgotten meaning of the term Lord. We have used the term Lord so much that it has lost its meaning about His being not only our Savior but also our Master, our Lord, our God, our Boss, and our King. This Gospel of John which we are going to study presents Jesus as the Divine and Human Messiah. It will show that He has power over nature, over death, over disease, over religious rules, and over us. Duration is 8 weeks.

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    A New Look at the Book of Romans

    Paul wrote one letter to the Romans. Since he was anticipating a visit thru Rome further west, perhaps to Spain, what would he say? He had one shot at getting a theological foundation established in Rome. This letter is his best shot at establishing an understanding of what was required of a disciple. Duration is 14 weeks.

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    A New Look at Church History
    This course is on Church History and how it affects your personal discipleship. It is difficult to understand where we are if we have no idea of our history. We know our end and beginning points because God has told us in His Word. The beginning is in Genesis, and the end is in the book of Revelation. The rest of the Scriptures tell of our earliest history and God’s warnings about deviating from our assigned path. Church history tells us about the rest of our strange history other than that described in the Scriptures. Duration is 13 weeks.

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    A New Look at Philosophical Systems

    Philosophy has played a large part in shaping the present Church.In order to distinguish between God’s phi­losophy and vain philosophies, we must study both.If we continue to neglect the effort of study, we will continue to be vulnerable to Satan’s deceptions.

    Vain philosophies have permeated the churches and governments.Secular and relig­ious people are soon going to join together in an effort to rid the world of your kind of Christianity and replace it with the religion of Antichrist.

    In order to anticipate how and when that purge will proceed, you will need to know the signposts and their philosophical underpin­nings.God is going to use this course to give you some analytical tools so that you can combat apostasy’s progress. Duration is 11 weeks.

  • A New Look at the Book of Exodus

    In Exodus God shows us His plan for redeeming mankind in his redemption of the Hebrews. His redemption plan depicts the various facets of salvation. We have the opportunity to examine the framework for the doctrine of salvation by this great story as it occurred in the history of Israel. Justification, sanctification, and glorification are demonstrated in this book.

    You will also be shown how the Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants form the basis of the New Covenant. Only in Jesus can man find the hope of salvation. This fact will be demonstrably clarified in our study of Exodus' paradigm of salvation. Duration is 12 weeks.

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    A New Look at the Book of Isaiah

    What is the state of Judah's Watchmen on the Wall? They are accused of drunkenness. Isaiah will explain the terrible indictments to God's people, historic and present. This study will show the church what our woes will be because we are in the same boat as Judah was so many years ago. Duration is 14 weeks.
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    A New Look at How to Interpret the Bible. Most of us have settled the issue of the Doctrine of Revelation. We are secure in our trust in the Bible's inerrancy. Now the new frontier is interpretation of the inerrant Scriptures. Satan is turning many away from God's messages by promoting many ways to convert the inerrant words into erroneous messages. This course exposes Satan's devices and turns us back to sound interpretation. Duration is 12 weeks.
  • This NT Theology course is in Biblical book order in which the theological doctrines will be extracted from each book of the New Testament. It is set up for guided study in which the student studies the weekly chapter and biblical material and answers the weekly thought question. There will be no tests. However, if desired, course completion certificates will be awarded for successful PLA's. Duration is 12 weeks.



January 7, 2019

The new courses are New Testament Theology, a guided-study course and Old Testament Survey 1, an independent study course.

The lengths of the courses are as follows:

6 weeks- Eschatology (short course)

7 weeks- Evangelism

8 weeks- Hebrews, Jeremiah, and John

10 weeks-Old Testament Survey 1

11 weeks- Philosophy

12 weeks- Exodus, Hermeneutics, and New Testament Theology

13 weeks- Revelation and Church History

14 weeks- Doctrine, Romans, and Isaiah

The recommended sequence is to take the courses in the sequence of their numbers, e.g. #1 Doctrine, #2 Revelation, #3 Evangelism, #4 Hebrews, #5 Jeremiah, etc.

The Classroom in a Book Discipleship Series is a unique approach to education. The author has many years of teaching many different seminary courses in the classroom and on the Internet. These courses are edited verbatims of the teacher's lectures combined with the students' responses which actually occurred in the live seminary classes.

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